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  • This Doesn't Make Sense

    This Doesn't Make Sense

    Losing someone young doesn’t make sense, but does mean it is up to us to do better by them.

  • We don't move on from grief

    I haven’t lost a spouse, but a dad when I was 12 and been touched by grief very recently. She’s hit the mark pretty well.

  • 20 Years

    20 Years

    I’ve struggled with what to write to mark 20 years since my dad died. It’s probably the most common regular topic I’ve written about over the years. Earlier this month, a very close friend lost his mother. A few days ago, I talked heart-to-heart with another friend who lost his father earlier in the year.…

  • Ed Kraft, 1954-2016

    My uncle died yesterday. He was 62 years old. I must admit learning of his passing yesterday morning, I cried for the first time I can remember. True, actual sobbing. I’m sure it was ugly. I didn’t cry when my dad died—a random tear here or there during the immediate events and cry some more recently…

  • Orlando

    There isn’t a word for the event overnight in Orlando. To call it terrorism, which it was, makes it seem like something far away, isolated, and a something abstract that politicians will use to further their own ends (which they will anyhow). To call it a mass shooting, which it was, lumps it into the…

  • Tell People How You Feel

    Tell People How You Feel

    On my birthday, a few years ago or so, I received a touching e-mail from a very close friend. We had another close, mutual friend die not long before in his late 30’s from cancer. The e-mail was an expression of feeling. What did our friendship mean to him. It wasn’t the stuff guys talk…