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  • 1,000,000 Blocked Attempts

    1,000,000 Blocked Attempts

    Today, my site hit a milestone. Jetpack Protect has blocked 1,000,000 malicious login attempts. Typically, when using the wrong user name and password on the site, those credentials are sent to the site itself and you’ll see the site’s response that it was a bad password. Since a bunch of bots could try every combination,…

  • Jetpack’s Publicize Now Uses Twitter Cards

    Jetpack’s Publicize Now Uses Twitter Cards

    A long time ago, Jetpack’s Publicize feature—which automatically posts to your social media platforms when you publish a new post—started attaching an image to your tweets to help them catch people’s attention. At the time, a tweet with a picture would perform better than a tweet with just a link. This is all fine and…

  • Developing with Jetpack

    Developing with Jetpack

    At this very moment, I’m presenting at WordCamp DFW about using Jetpack in your development. It is meant to wet your appetite to think about Jetpack in, perhaps, a different way. Far from comprehensive, I’ll mention things not in the slides and still miss plenty. Check out the Developing with Jetpack deck!

  • Change the “Related” Headline in Jetpack’s Related Posts Feature

    A quick code snippet that changes the default “Related” headline in Jetpack’s Related Posts feature.

  • Jetpack Publicize with WooCommerce Products

    This code snippet, for your theme’s functions.php or in a core functionality plugin adds Jetpack’s Publicize feature to WooCommerce products. This would allow you to auto-post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc when you post a new WooCommerce product to your site. UPDATE: WooCommerce now includes Publicize support by default out of the box as of…

  • Failed Commit

    I laughed when I realized that I was wearing my Jetpack t-shirt when I misfired and committed something directly against the Jetpack repo today.