the pope is in the hospital

CNN and Fox News are both reporting that the Pope has been taken to the hospital. Fox is making the story sound much more urgent than CNN with Fox saying that he was “rushed” to the hospital catching his own staff off guard. CNN echoes Vatican reports that the Pope is one of millions who have caught the flu.
Fox, repeating what the AP heard, reports a “breathing crisis.”

the pope is still feeling bad

The Vatican Press Office announced today that “As expected, the flu-like symptoms affecting the Holy Father persist. As a consequence, his appointments for the coming days have been postponed. In particular, the general audience scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday February 2, will not take place.”

the pope is a little under the weather

The Vatican Information Service reports that the Pope cancelled his scheduled events for the day due to “flu-like” symptoms. Please keep him in your prayers that he, and all who suffer from ill health, may be spared from the pain and suffering connected to them.
The last time the Pope cancelled an appointment at the last minute was September 24, 2003 due to intestinal problems, according to Zenit.

The sentence regarding his last cancelled appointment was added from the original version of this post.

cardinal law and pastoral provision

On that note, whatever happened to Cardinal Law? I am not all that sure- officially, he is retired with the title of Archbishop Emeritus of Boston.
The Pastoral Provision website, last updated September 2001, still names Cardinal Law as Ecclesiastical Delegate- a position he has held since the position was created in 1981.

The so-called Pastoral Provision is a provision that Pope John Paul II made in 1980 to assist in the reconciliation of priests and laity from the Episcopal Church. In short, in accordance with the provision, a Episcopal person may reconcile him/herself with the Catholic Church as they would have already, a Episcopal priest- even those who are married- may reconcile himself and be allowed to be re-ordained a Catholic priest, or even an entire Episcopal congregation could reconcile itself with the Catholic Church and be able to use a modified, approved version of the Divine Book of Worship they had previously used.

With all the recent events in the Episcopal Church, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the provision enacted a bit more.

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New Archbishop of Boston

Archbishop Sean Patrick O’Malley, OFM Cap. was installed as the sixth Archbishop of Boston on July 30 marking the start of a new era in the torn archdiocese.

I think it’s fitting that a Franciscan brother now sits on the cathedra in the Cathedral- if we recall, St. Francis started the Franciscan movement after hearing the call “Francis, rebuild my Church” from the Lord. At the time, Francis took that to mean the physical church but he later realized it was meant for the Church as a whole. The Church of Boston is in great need of being rebuilt and it is quite poetic that a successor to the call of St. Francis has been appointed for the task.

In his homily, the new Archbishop sounded ready and excited to begin this process in the area. With his record of accomplishment in the dioceses of Palm Beach and Fall River, I really believe he is going to do the best job possible for everyone- priests, victims, everyone.

Next Friday: What happened to Cardinal Law? What is this ‘Pastoral Provision’?