New Archbishop of Boston

Archbishop Sean Patrick O’Malley, OFM Cap. was installed as the sixth Archbishop of Boston on July 30 marking the start of a new era in the torn archdiocese.

I think it’s fitting that a Franciscan brother now sits on the cathedra in the Cathedral- if we recall, St. Francis started the Franciscan movement after hearing the call “Francis, rebuild my Church” from the Lord. At the time, Francis took that to mean the physical church but he later realized it was meant for the Church as a whole. The Church of Boston is in great need of being rebuilt and it is quite poetic that a successor to the call of St. Francis has been appointed for the task.

In his homily, the new Archbishop sounded ready and excited to begin this process in the area. With his record of accomplishment in the dioceses of Palm Beach and Fall River, I really believe he is going to do the best job possible for everyone- priests, victims, everyone.

Next Friday: What happened to Cardinal Law? What is this ‘Pastoral Provision’?





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  1. Arthur G. Hickey Sr. Avatar
    Arthur G. Hickey Sr.

    Dear Arch Bishop O’Malley,
    I have been a Roman Catholic seince I was born. I have gone to church for most of my life except when I needed it most, while serving in the US Paratroopers and while in KOREA.
    I am and always have been a Maveric and will argue with anyone except God, Jesus, the Blessed Mother and the Heavenly Cast.
    I am truly sadden by how the push to remove God from America is edging its way foreward in our Godly nation,with the extreem effert of some of the news media and Campaign Financing.
    I am even more sadden by my belief that the Church is not doing enough in my openoion to combat this issue.
    I truly believe that it is time for the Roman Catholic Bishops throughout the world to make a serious effort to restor our Church,through those that believe in God, Jesus, the Blessed Mother, and all of Gods Heavenly Cast.
    You Bishops of the World, do have the authoruity to renew everybodys faith in God,Juses or what ever thes different religion truly believe.
    There is only one God and everyone that believes only needs insurence of this.
    There is only one Son of God and the above applies to it.
    Bishop, I truly ask you. Is it not the time for a Mass Confession of the World to ask forgivence and bring back the word of GOD,through some kind of Holy Mass and autherised by the Vacacant?
    I know how you people of the cloth work so hard and we the outsiders do not fully under stand.
    Please Bishop, make and extrodanally move to bring back the word of God through the Churchs
    special way of forgiveness.
    It is truly time for those that are bent on the distruction of God to begin to worry and people like me to bow my head and say Thenk You JEsus.
    Thank you Bishop,
    Arthur G. Hickey
    124 Terrace Avenue,
    Winthrop MA.

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