cardinal law and pastoral provision

On that note, whatever happened to Cardinal Law? I am not all that sure- officially, he is retired with the title of Archbishop Emeritus of Boston.
The Pastoral Provision website, last updated September 2001, still names Cardinal Law as Ecclesiastical Delegate- a position he has held since the position was created in 1981.

The so-called Pastoral Provision is a provision that Pope John Paul II made in 1980 to assist in the reconciliation of priests and laity from the Episcopal Church. In short, in accordance with the provision, a Episcopal person may reconcile him/herself with the Catholic Church as they would have already, a Episcopal priest- even those who are married- may reconcile himself and be allowed to be re-ordained a Catholic priest, or even an entire Episcopal congregation could reconcile itself with the Catholic Church and be able to use a modified, approved version of the Divine Book of Worship they had previously used.

With all the recent events in the Episcopal Church, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the provision enacted a bit more.

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