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  • Kickstarter is Throwing Away Your Money

    Kickstarter is Throwing Away Your Money

    When you back a project on Kickstarter, you might as well think of it as throwing your money away. With the latest chatter about Pressgram, which ink spilled elsewhere is sufficient, one simplistic summary is some folks expected one thing and the end result delivered another. I’m a Kickstarter fan. I’ve backed numerous projects (though,…

  • Why Not Open Source?

    Why Not Open Source?

    In the WordPress world, a recent piece of news is WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg cancelling his $10,000 Kickstarter pledge for Pressgram, an Instagram-style iOS app that would allow you to save your photos to a WordPress blog (that you own and control) instead of a third-party service that you don’t. Matt cancelled his pledge because…