Connections at SXSW

This is what I love about representing WordPress(.com) “in the field” at SXSW.

After a long evening working an event, we had a couple of guys sit at the bar with myself and a couple of coworkers. When we were asked what we do, we answered “Vague Internet Things”.

“That’s great—as long as it isn’t that fucking WordPress!”


After hearing him out and talking through his beef some, by the end he said, “Of course, I sit down hating WordPress and now I want to work with y’all!”

The Internet and the work we do is still, in root, about connecting with people.

SXSW crash: One Tragic Night. One Year Later.

For many of those who were on or near Red River Street when Rashad Owens plowed into a late-night crowd of music fans, their recollections today are as sensory as they are mental, reminders of an event still felt as much as remembered.

Source: SXSW crash: One Tragic Night. One Year Later.

A well-done feature from the Austin American-Statesman looking back at the horrific crash at SXSW when a driver being pursued by police drove through a barricade down a crowded pedestrian way.