Tag: The Vacant See

  • Austin’s New Bishop

    Rocco can knock out the words faster and with a nicer flare than I can, so I’m going to throw you over to him to read the skinny on our new bishop. Bishop Vasquez is the fifth bishop of Austin, three of whom were priests of Galveston(/Houston), of which two of them were Auxiliary Bishop […]

  • What’s Next – Diocese of Austin?

    So, we no longer have Bishop Aymond. Archbishop-Elect Aymond is the new archbishop, but he isn’t installed until August 20th? Who’s in charge? What’s going on. Canon law is here to help. From today until August 20th (or probably August 19th, since the action of taking canonical possession typically happens during a Vespers the night […]

  • pope benedict modifed rules for electing a pope

    Today, Pope Benedict XVI issued a Motu Proprio, or a declaration of his own initiative, declaring that the Catholic Church will return to the traditional norms for electing a Pope. Pope John Paul II previously declared that, instead of a 2/3rd majority to elect a Pope, that only an absolute majority was needed after a […]

  • bishop delaney of fort worth dies

    Most Rev. Joseph P. Delaney, Bishop of Fort Worth since 1981, died in his sleep last night at age 70. He had been dealing with on-going medical problems in recent years. Pope Benedict XVI had already appointed Msgr. Kevin Vann to be ordained as coadjutor bishop, meaning he would succeed Bishop Delaney at his retirement […]

  • apostolica sedes vacans: general congregation meetings

    On April 7th, the 5th General Congregation met with 140 cardinals. The Cardinals delegated to Edmund Cardinal Szoka the ability to mint coins and stamps for the Vacant See. The cardinals also finalized and published the order for the start of the conclave. The Cardinals did not meet on April 8th due to Pope John […]

  • apostolica sedes vacans: conclave date set

    The 4th General Congregation was held this morning in Rome. 116 cardinals were present at this meeting of the 122 in the Vatican. While the number of cardinal-electors is 117, all the cardinals including those over the age of 80 are to participate in the General Congregation. The congregation set the date of April 18th, […]