apostolica sedes vacans: conclave date set

The 4th General Congregation was held this morning in Rome. 116 cardinals were present at this meeting of the 122 in the Vatican. While the number of cardinal-electors is 117, all the cardinals including those over the age of 80 are to participate in the General Congregation.
The congregation set the date of April 18th, in the afternoon, to begin the conclave that will elect the next pontiff. The rules and rituals concerning the election will be published by me on this site closer to that date.
Also, it was confirmed today, after the reading of Pope John Paul II’s will, that he did not name the in pectore cardinal. The Vatican Press Office indicates that there is “no further question” regarding this issue.
Lastly, the Sistine Chapel will be closed shortly to allow for the preparation needed for the conclave.





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