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  • Eyes of Texas Report Released

    Eyes of Texas Report Released

    As an alumnus, I am very happy to see the detail in The University of Texas at Austin “Eyes of Texas” report. I need to sit with it, read it carefully, and think about it before commenting further. Agree or disagree, I do appreciate the obvious time and effort that went into it. The site…

  • The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You

    The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You

    In the news recently is a group of Longhorns student-athletes who, among other things, have asked The University of Texas at Austin to stop singing The Eyes of Texas. The Eyes of Texas is rooted as satire making fun of then-University President Prather who used the phrase “The eyes of Texas are upon you” in…

  • Texas Leading Innovation

    This is why I chose UT-Austin for my undergraduate education. An institution of the first class, they solve problems that most aren't yet aware exists.

  • Reflecting Tower

    Reflecting Tower

    Photo taken at: UT Turtle Pond View in Instagram ⇒

  • Congrats!

    Congratulations to Class of 2016. Tonight, at The University of Texas at Austin, the annual commencement on the Main Mall culminates four, five, six, seven, maybe eight years of academic work in a festive ceremony, complete with fireworks. The Mall is ready.

  • RIP Bevo XIV

    https://www.facebook.com/texasexes/videos/10153168254491500/ Bevo XIV, the mascot of the Texas Longhorns died in his sleep. He started his reign during my time at UT and presided over much success for the University—both in athletics and academics. In an era where very few schools have “live” mascots, I’m glad that UT continues the tradition. RIP Bevo XIV. UPDATE:…