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WatchBlog: 2004 Election News, Opinion and Commentary
Whoa- this is cool. It is three weblogs side-by-side with Demo, Third Party and Repub views. I don’t know where to even begin on this. Sensory overload seriously. What is cool though, the backend for the site is the same webapp I installed on my server… see what I mean about control?
With the way national media is now, I like the idea of more sites/media outlets providing multiple points of view and allowing the viewer to decide. CNN was called in years past the “Clinton News Network”; MSNBC decided that it was “America’s News Network” and Fox- well, what can’t you say about Fox news? Whenever I wonder why the American people (as a whole) are stupid at times, I have to look no further than channels 27, 55 and 56 on my television.






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