crickets and japan ‘education’

A Carpet of Crickets in the West (registration required)
Victums Say Japan Ignores Sex Crimes Committed by Teachers (registration required)
The LA Times is reporting about a massive plague of crickets that are swarming the western states. It is getting so bad that transportation agency have to post advisory signs warning motorists to slow down while driving over crickets b/c “add a little water to cricket guts and it’s like an oil slick.”
“This month, Elko County, Nev., declared a state of emergency because of its crickets.
“‘They got into the mall, one store was packed with them,’ said John Ellison, an Elko County commissioner. ‘Our buildings and roads were covered with them. One local police officer was at a fire and saw what he thought was water running toward him but it was, in fact, crickets.’
::teacher sex crimes::
From the story, classroom sex is common in Japan. When I say common, I mean other students make fun of the girl who reports it. “‘When I was at a supermarket, I was surrounded by some senior students I had never spoken to before,’ she said, according to the newspaper account. ‘They shouted, “That’s the sexually harassed one!” and laughed at me.’”
Cases include a 13-year old who reported her 51-year old teacher; a 8 year-old girl whose mom caught her masterbating and discovered later she learned how from her teacher fondling her.
Now you think politicians in this country realize they said too much… check this out.
“Speaking at a public symposium, a member of Parliament, Seiichi Ota, recently made light of reports of gang rapes at a Tokyo university. “Boys who commit group rape are in good shape,” Mr. Ota said. “I think they are rather normal. Whoops, I shouldn’t have said that.” (The legislator’s comments were carried in many Japanese newspapers.)”
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