what goes around comes around

Alright. God may not care all that much about the details of my academic career so I’m going to assume it wasn’t him playing games. I’ll just say it was fate.
Before, I mocked MSU for being just so freaken easy. Well, it’s about time I got bit in the butt on that.
Most of my classes to this point- Psych, Socio, Art, Music, History- all have been pretty simple. I didn’t have to study too much and blazing through there on my way to a perfect 4.0 GPA at the school.
This summer session I’m taking General Zoology. It’s kicking my butt. From the lecture-test, I worked my way to my first non-A grade on an assignment at MSU to probably failing, or close to it, my lab-midterm. Luckily, the lab-midterm only counts for 13.5% of my total grade. The test that I didn’t get an A on counts for 25%.
But yes, it comes back to bite me. MSU is still an easy school. The biology lab is mindless and as Wildman called it, “the worst biology has to offer.” However, while I maintain that the lab is not “academia” (based on the definition of “the academic life, community or world”), I’ll grant that it’s exclusion from academia does not infer that it doesn’t require work- no matter how mindless it is.






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