registration has started

Well, I register for classes tomorrow. I still need to figure up a couple more options for scheduling as so far, no one really likes the one I came up with. We’ll see how many options I have to play with and take it from there. I’m going to take three philosophies (Logic, History of, and Christian) and two others (microeconomics and MIS for the Business Foundations Program).
I know I haven’t really been too good at keeping this updated but I’m going to try to get into a routine. There are many things going on that I just can’t talk about due to the nature of the issue and so I really don’t know how many days I’ll have something public to discuss. Just know I’m still trying to figure out how to update this more often.
The Lambdas are going pretty good; we have our problems as I was reminded on Thursday but I think- I hope- we’re getting better. I think the Little Sisters are feeling more loved and whatnot and I think my duties as chaplain are going pretty well (dinner with the bishop on Wednesday!). One thing I’m wanting to talk to the guys about (any Lambdas reading this, I haven’t brought this to ECB yet just so you know how far along this is). Fr. David wants to lead some of us in a series looking at male virtures and how to be men. It sounds pretty interesting. I’ll post more information on it as I learn it =)






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