sex, lies and videotape

First, this post has none of the above. I just needed a catchy title and I figure that’s as good as any. Per Kelly and Shellie’s comments on the last post, I’m really going to try to update this more often. Maybe schedule it into my day or something.
Secondly, the value of a friend. Lately I’ve been involved in random activities- from working at the Erwin Center to my chaplain duties as a Lambda as well as many others. One such activity was not the best allocation of my time; however, I did it either way and over the objection of a number of people around me. One particular friend, she remained pretty neutral/supportive for the most part until saw what it had done to someone else who had been involved for a few months. I realize I’m avoiding mention of what it is for now, which is intended. Anyhow, after this friend saw that, she called me early on a Sunday morning and presented points on why she can no longer be neutral or supportive. Her points were valid; I couldn’t contest the heart of the concerns. I could have dismissed it but because of who she was and the heartfelt concern I could hear in her voice, I stopped at first just because our friendship was more important.
What is interesting is now that I’ve taken a step back, I realize more and more how valid her concerns really were. I still feel that just because the person she saw changed quite a bit because of it, doesn’t mean that I would as well. It’s not a risk I’m willing to chance though. It’s just not that important to dismiss someone so close who cares so much when her logic is perfectly assembled. Like I said, I’ll go more into that later after some other issues are taken care of.
Off-topic: If you have never had Scotcharoos, you don’t know what you’re missing. They’re Rice Krispy treats covered in a layer of a melted chocolate-chip/butterscotch-chip sweetness. After thinking about it, picture me as Homer Simpson with my head tilted back, mouth open and drooling slightly. They’re just that good.
I just bought C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity. I’ve heard it was really good and I’ve heard it quoted quite often. Plus, if it was written back in the 40s or 50s and still has a nice display at Barnes and Noble, if nothing else, it has to be written pretty well.
My last note: for all those who knew and wanted updates. I’m still bedless. My mom came down from home last weekend with the purpose of bringing down a bed or buying one. Neither happened. I really don’t know why not. I think I’m just going to save up a little bit and just buy one. At this point, after a month without one, I’d rather just go out and get it done than try the current plan- ask family members for parts of a bed (frame from my sister, maybe then buying a mattress set). Maybe I’ll setup a Paypal donation thing for the “Help Brandon Sleep At Night Fund” Maybe I’ll get enough to pay for half of the taxes. That would be helpful.






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  1. Kari Avatar

    Brandon! What am I going to do if you keep stealing things from me? First the “rocks my face off” and then the “Help Brandon Sleep At Night Fund”…we all know that I had a fund much longer ago than you….wait wasn’t it called the “Boobs For Kari Fund”….and thanks to all the donators who read Brandon’s website, it has done wonders! Hehe…Sorry, I love you Brandon, what would you do without me stealing your glory???

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