weblogging and virtues: not all that different

First, to explain the title. I’m reading in philosophy that Aristole (sp?, I’ll check later… maybe) said that one way someone could become a person of virtue is to “fake it” at first. That is, fake being brave and at some point, it’ll become second nature and you’ll become brave. So, with the weblog, I’m going to fake it and try to update it all the time, soon it’ll become second nature and it will be updated naturally.
This last weekend was OU Weekend. Minus the game, it was a great weekend. Most everyone I talk to act like the game was the defining event of the weekend. By far, the game is just an excuse to go out of town, get a bunch of hotel rooms and party. It was really good though. Shannon and I got to hang out quite a bit, Marion and I enjoyed some chicken strips and had some good Lambda bonding.
I have a midterm coming up on Wednesday so I’ll leave today entry at that…






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