lover of wisdom

I wrote an e-mail to Shannon today regarding various things. Below is a short excerpt that I enjoyed writing:
“Tonight, perhaps we could read for our Jesus class and make sure we all understand it. I’ll push that to the last of the reading I do today. I have a couple of papers and a few hundred of various texts to read. Yay Philosophy!
“O Philosophy how do I adore you?
I adore the lover of Wisdom.
From where shall I run to?
For the Wisdom follows all men.
“Okay, a little verse of complete crap. It’s okay. Wisdom follows all men because it likes picking on us and being like ‘I straight up did told you that you best not be trying to trip on that girl when she’s trying to buy a sandwich. You know she ain’t like that. You know this baby!’
“Okay… okay… nothing shall come from nothing; try again….”






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