big 12 catholic conference

Last night, a group of students from Kansas State University drove in to discuss a Big 12 Catholic Conference. The session had just shy of 20 UT students there to find out more and discuss the conference. My first observation about it all: K-State people are good people. It was a really enjoyable experience first in the info session and followed by a little dinner at Players. I’ll be posting more about the conference in the future.
Quote of the Day:
“Once upon a time in a land known as Tarsus was a man named Saul–”
“Was he a noble man?”
“Um, he was a Pharisee.”
–later in conversation–
“He wasn’t stoned but he was put in prison.”
“Lots of people get stoned while in prison.”
–Shannon and Nicole “studying” for the CC 318 exam this morning






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