a teacher’s thanks

a teacher’s thanks
While I am no longer an education major, I still have an affinity for the field. I found this site,, detailing how to reform K-12 education. While I have not read the site to know if I agree with their overall train of thought, I do agree with one of their main points that teacher certification needs to be reformed/changed/something. My best teachers were the ones who were not certified or at least said that certification was the worst thing they ever did.
I enjoyed the “a teacher’s thanks” post, linked above.

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While we were quite lucky to have the teachers we’ve had, I’ve had the priviledge to see the teachers out in California. It’s a scary thing. At least with certification, teachers have to live up to a certain standard. My brother’s high school is the best in the area. Only 30% of the students even consider college. The teachers do not really teach the kids and maybe one out of all his teachers is rightfully certified. I feel bad for my brother and kids like him who do not have teachers like we’ve had. Of course, all of California education should be re-evaluated and all of us here in Texas should be grateful for the teachers we have. Anyway, I’m rather long-winded…all I wanted to say is that while, yes, the certification could use a reform, I still belive teachers should be certified. Only because I’ve seen the bad side of the situation. Okay, I’m done. 😀

Good point. I do agree there should be some standards for teachers; however, I am not sure that certification has to be one of them. My guess would be in addition to having teachers who aren’t certified, I would say many of those teachers are also teaching outside of thier field. One example mentioned on the website that makes sense is a retired college professor should not have to go through two years of classes to be able to teach high school.

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