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For those keeping score at home, (c.f. ACC 310F professor) I submitted the first part of my application to the Priestly Formation Program yesterday to the Diocese. I still have quite a bit left including those long “Why do you feel called to be thinking about sorta kinda wanting to maybe someday think about and then maybe- if I’m really special- studying for the priesthood? Now, answer almost the same question again but use all different words.” It’s seriously not that bad, just a lot of those self-reflective questions. I never really got a huge kick out of doing them and still don’t. At least I know why I have done all of it but that… In either case, I think I’m an applicant now.
My final submission deadline (self-imposed) is April 28th. As part of the application process, I have to get a lengthly psychological profile taken and that will be done on that day. I figure it’s far enough away to give me enough time and it’s concrete enough so I can’t push it back for bad reasons.
I’ll keep you all up to speed on the progress of the application.






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  1. andrea Avatar

    Brandon! I didn’t know that you were applying!!!!!!! That is so exciting! 🙂 Charlie and I will keep you and your discernment in our prayers!!!!!

  2. crystal Avatar

    not stalking you i promise (if you even remember who this is).. but congratulations on applying. i was wondering if my hunch would ever prove to be true. good luck in discernment!

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