a hard road traveled

As promised, here is a more personal look at my discernment so far.
“Are you ready?” I think that question is asked of me more than anything else right now. Am I ready to be a priest? No. I would not try to say that I am. Am I ready to continue my discernment? I believe so. I am not perfect and continue to have my vices- that does not mean I am not ready for this.
I hear God’s calling in my life. Honestly, I don’t know what he is calling me towards. I know he’s saying something, I couldn’t tell you word-for-word what he’s saying. However, I know and feel this calling and I know I have to discern it. I have discerned this calling to various degrees since I was 14. Almost six years later, I still hear it and it is not going away.
I have not been discerning towards the seminary. I have not been called to the seminary. I have been discerning towards the priesthood. I believe I am being called to the priesthood. The seminary is not an end, it is a means. It is a place for education and discernment. It is not a ministry in and of itself, at least for a seminarian.
It has been a hard decision. I have loved my experience in Austin, at The University and at the University Catholic Center. As much as I love Austin, I have to explore this.






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