return to the real

“Each event in life demands of interpretation, some discernment as being of God or not of God. Without a mature faith life, we interpret our lives in a secular fashion, failing to see the work of Providence. Wisdom is the gift needed whereby we trace the happenings of our days to their proper source.” – Robert F. Morneau, “A Glorious and Transcendent Place”, The Spirituality of the Diocesan Priest
This is something that I personally forget about too often. In addition to seeing our lives in a secular fashion, we see the events of our lives through a narcissistic lens. The individualism that exists throughout our society, and very much in my own life, does not promote taking the time to reflect upon the events of the day. We are constantly confused and taken back by our current place. In many cases, it’s simply solved by a quick examination of what we have done to get to where we are. Most things make sense, it’s just we’re unable to make sense of it.
Anyhow, just late night ramblings.






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