news briefs

I’m running over the day’s news and a couple of things just caught my eye:
Man Behind Rampage Found Dead
This was stuffed inside the Post about a man in a small town in Colorado having a beef over a factory built in 2000. His method of cooking the beef? Building a homemade tank out of a bulldozer and well, bulldozing a few of the town’s building. The factory, the City Hall, the library, the newspaper office and a store are all in ruins.
Chirac honors American D-Day Spies
This is a good D-Day Anniversary story about the French President awarding an American spy the Legion of Honor. He was a spy that fed incorrect information to a Nazi-sympathizing French agent. D-Day was more than just soldiers running up a beach and it’s good to hear some of the stories about what else happened.
Pope wraps up Swiss trip
Friday, the pope met with President Bush at the Vatican, then he left for a quick two-day trip to Switzerland. The story, from Reuters’ UK site, says that the pope seemed better than he has been recently. What I noted in the story is that the pope flew back to Rome on a commercial jet. How does that work? Does his aide call Swiss Airlines and asks “I need all the first-class tickets you have”? Did the pope take up the entire plane? If not, imagine being one of the few normal passengers on the plane. I’m sure that they chartered a commercial jet but all the same.
Anyhow, just random stuff that came across my desktop.






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