Found An Old Love

1998-11-11-art.jpgI found old Zip disks from high school during my packing tonight. Although I shouldn’t have, I went to the Welch lab and converted them over to a CD so I could access the files. After a time playing with formats (Mac-based graphics software from 1998 isn’t quite as compatable with Windows XP as I would like), I figured out how to open most of the files.

The artwork at the right is a piece I submitted to an art show at Midwestern State University in 1998. After a couple of months in the multimedia program, I had a little fun and threw this together. Since it was done on the computer, it was submitted under the “Commercial Art” category where it won 3rd place for that year.

I did all of this while studying for a multimedia major, part of Hirschi’s Magnet program. For the first two years of my studies, under Bill Mahoney, I expanded my artistic abilities. Mr. Mahoney retired and a new person took over the program. For the last two years of my studies, the focus was on more traditional graphics art- websites, web graphics, promotional material, etc.

Since heading off to college, I haven’t worked with graphics at all. I think that is a mistake on my part; the problem now is I need better equipment to run the software. Until I find a large sum of cash on my doorstep, I think I’ll see what the laptop can handle.






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