a csc tour of south austin

Yesterday, I went on a short tour of South Austin in the context of the Congregation of Holy Cross. I met Fr. John Korcsmar, CSC, the provincial of the CSC’s Southern Province at the Provincial House off of South Congress.
First, he took me to this area near South 2nd and Live Oak. I could find it again in a car but cannot remember the actual streets. Holy Cross founded three parishes in the area- Holy Family, a now-defunct African-American parish, San Jose, a Hispanic parish and St. Ignatius, a standard run-of-a-mill parish. The old parish hall for Holy Family was still standing. The concept was to found three parishes and over time, the “ethnic” parishes would cease to have a purpose after the immigrants became more “American.” This is the path that Holy Family took.
A couple of blocks down the street, he took me to the original San Jose parish church. The building is now being used for worship by an Orthodox church.
Our next stop was the current San Jose. San Jose Catholic Church is a huge campus. A large church, a community center, a high school, an office, the old church (now a parish hall?). There are signs at the end of the city streets saying “End City Maintenance” marking where the campus begins. San Jose is now under the leadership of Diocesan priests. CSC has a strong relationship with the school as some of the teachers are of the Congregation.
He took notice that from the parking lot of San Jose, you can see both St. Ignatius and St. Edwards University.
We drove to St. Edwards’ Campus Ministry office and I listened in on a meeting between Fr. Rick, CSC- the campus minister, and Fr. John. Interesting stuff going on.
We continued to Dolores Parish. It is quite a distance away from our previous stops but we had an interesting discussion of the history of the area including the involvement of the parish with the community.
It appears that Holy Cross, as is true of any religious order, does do some good work. So far, I do not feel a strong attraction towards them. I have investigated them for a short while now and I simply do not feel a longing towards what they provide. It was an enjoyable tour nonetheless.






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  1. Charlie Mercer Avatar
    Charlie Mercer

    Hey Brandon, I just read about your tour with the Holy Cross. Very cool stuff. I went to St. Ed’s and to say it nicely…my experience with that order was lacking. From things such as contraceptive informational meetings hosted by campus ministry (in the on campus apartments) to being blatently disobedient in the theological program. For example, I had a campus minister speak at my religions of the world class, and she said, “I believe faith is a mountain, and God is atop that mountain, and all faiths have roads to God, all valid and good.” I have heard the same critiques of Notre Dame, whereby they have hired people who are known dissenters, and their entire Theology program is in question.
    I applaud you for searching towards where God is calling you. We need more young men like you who are open to where God is leading them in their vocational life. God bless your search!!!!

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