lenten contract with all

Welcome to the season of Lent! As tradition dictates, this is the time when Catholics all over the world give up various things to help push an inner conversion as we prepare for the Easter mysteries. Since we have sinned and are saved as a community, I want to throw out some of the issues I’m working on this Lent so that any and all of you may be your brother’s keeper. Most of these things are things I’ve been meaning to do for sometime, but “tomorrow” always seemed like a good day. Since tomorrow is always a day away, I never started these things.
I digress. Since no person is an island, I’m asking all of you out there, as most of you probably already do, to encourage everyone else on their Lenten penances. In order for anyone to call me out on any of those, below are some of the things I’m going to try this season…

Fast Food
Both financial and trying to eat better
The obvious trying to kick the habit.
Trying to eat better and water is a lot better too
Wasting Time
This one is obviously harder to quantify; however, I really need to stay on the ball this semester.
Skipping Class
While I say this one at the start of every semester, it’s time to reclaim the student inside that I used to be.

I may amend the list as I remember anything I previously told someone I would try to work on but that’s what I can think of at the moment.
In light of wasting time, back to work. Peace during this holy season!

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