sociological reflection on the teachings of the catholic church

This is an open call to any thoughts, reflections or ideas related to the sociologial dimension of the teachings of the Catholic Church. I am currently studying the Sociology of Sexuality at The University of Texas at Austin and the professor is not a strong beacon for the Church, to say it mildly. I am looking to write a response paper outlining the Catholic Church’s teaching through a sociological lens.
To clarify, I am outlining the teachings of the Church. I realize and acknowledge that the Church, for right or wrong motives, have otherwise influenced society outside the scope of its actual teachings. My examiniation is limited to explaining how the Church per se is not in error; however those within the Church has erred in their application.
Since this is a Sociology of Sexuality course, I plan to focus on many aspects of the Church that deal with sexuality- the idea of marriage, sex only within marriage, birth control, priestly celebacy, prohibition of gay unions into the fold of Christian marriage, etc. I am not limiting myself to those topics but they are the ones I wish to spend the most time with.
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