warriors of the .net project

[Originally published related to INF312/STS311]
Another assignment for my i312 course.
The short animated film explained the basic process of data transfer over a network and the Internet.
First and foremost, I learned that data packets are boxy little devices that are routed by robotic arms and moving platforms. In all seriousness, the process of data transfer across a local area network is a complex one that errors frequently; however, the system has been programmed to compensate to ensure the valid transfer of data. While it can be easy to think that the connection is as simple as a circuit-based system, like standard telephone systems, computer networks are designed to be better able to handle a much higher data load.
Systems are designed to check for security breaches at multiple points on the transfer path. The proxy, the firewall, the switches and routers are all able, in their own way, to check the packet for proper “security clearance”. There is no single device that needs to be a security guard for the network.
The network has to be incredibly fast. The process that was explained in a twelve-minute production happens in fractions of a second. For a data packet of 32 bytes to reach the blogger.com site takes sixty-five milliseconds. Technology’s ability to stream video to our computers in real-time is a testimony to overall ability and accuracy of the system.
The short film was an informative look at the workings of data sharing across a network that would be educational for anyone not of a computer background.






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