dbd:mysql 3.0000 errors

Hostgator, my hosting solution uses cPanel to manage the site and download new fixes and whatnot. Recently, a perl module, DBD:mysql released a new version (3.000). Usually, I would have never noticed this except something about it causes my weblog’s content management system to freak out, resulting in a lovely 500 error.
What does that mean to you? Nothing. What does that mean to me? I have to go through a couple of extra steps anytime I wish to update a post. It’s not a huge deal but annoying. If you notice any weird updates or site links, it is probably related.
From what I can tell, the DBD:mysql developer has released a 3.000_0 and 3.0001_0 developer release that corrects the bug. When will that be released and implemented via my hosting solution? Hopefully by week’s end.
Update: July 7, 2005 1:32 a.m.
A fix has been released (3.0001) and it should be reflected on my server is the next 24 hours. I must say that I’ve been impressed at seeing open source problem solving in action.






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