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  • Now Using 2023

    Now Using 2023

    I switched the site over to using Twenty Twenty Three yesterday with my first “real” experience with the Site Editor. I’ve created some small single-page sites with the Block Editor, but hadn’t spent real time with it. It’ll take me a little bit to get used to it, but this is overall a positive move…

  • ActivityPub


    What the hell—added ActivityPub support to the site so you can follow the site via via Mastodon or your favorite ActivityPub-powered social site.

  • Testing the Full Site Editor

    Full site editing is coming to WordPress soon, activated when using a theme that supports it. I’m going to mess around with it, so switched my theme over to a blocked-version of Twenty Twenty One Armando. It’s probably a bit of a mess because I’m not trying to make sure it’s pretty at this point,…

  • CSS Naked Day

    I learned from Dries, founder of Drupal, that today is “CSS Naked Day” which encourages site owners to disable all CSS. You can read more about it on the day’s site. Here’s a quick and dirty snippet to add to a WordPress site to enable it.

  • A facelift‽‽‽

    Indeed. I switched the site over to the very alpha, raw, unfinished version of Twenty Twenty, the upcoming default theme that will be released with a future version of WordPress. Over the years, I’ve found the best way to find and fix bugs with the default themes is to use it on a site you…

  • Keeping It Clean

    I went through my debug log tonight, which had been a bit long mainly due to older plugins throwing warnings in PHP 7. Of four plugins generating PHP 7 warnings, two had merged-but-unreleased fixes, one has a pending PR that I could apply and confirm working, and wrote a PR for the last one. Clean…