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I am enrolled in EDP 363 (Human Sexuality and Relationships). An aspect of this course includes several personal reflection. Below is the first exploring the topic “My Sexual Values”. It is intended to be nothing more than a quick reflection. As I note, I am writing this for a sexuality class at a secular university known to have liberal aspects. That being said, my writing is not the same as I would write for my normal audiences.

My sexual values are defined by my personal investigation of my faith though the use of logic and reasoning. To reflect my bias and perspective, I am a Catholic. My value system places sexuality (the concept) and sex (the act) in high regards as a sacred and integral aspect of the human person.

As this is a class in educational psychology and not religious studies or theology, I will attempt to remove any theological discourse of my values, opting instead to attempt to explain my values in terms of self-reflection and evaluation. Granted, I will assert that our sexuality is a central aspect of the human person and spirituality (and therefore for some people religion) is another central aspect to the person, so attempting to remove the spiritual definition and explanation does a disservice to the conversation at hand.

I believe that physical sexual self is intimately connected to our psychological self and that our physical sexual self is one of the highest dimensions of our self that we can open and offer to other people. In other words, the ability to give our sexual self to others leaves us extremely vulnerable psychologically. As a result of that, sexual activities should be reserved for the times and situations that are proper for such a vulnerability. For example, sexual intercourse, I feel, is the utmost way to offer our self to others. This gift leaves us extremely open and vulnerable. That is absolutely fine, but it must be reserved to a relationship that will be supportive of such gift and action and not destructive. The theoretical marriage, that is one that is entered in complete willingness of mind and heart, intended to exist for life and without any decisional impediments of entering into such a life-long union, is the proper context for the offering given through sexual intercourse.

Equally, I believe that sexual functions are to serve a procreative function. That is not to say that every act must be engaged in only in effort to procreate or that there is no unitive function in the sex act.

Upon those assumptions, being that is sex is a sacred giving one self that should be reserved to a marriage context as well as a procreative function, actions that are in violation of preserving the sanctity of sexuality are contrary to our human dignity and therefore should be avoided.

My personal values cannot be demanded upon others; however, to a certain regard society must realize its duty to protect the relationship between sex, self and society. This means that, for example, Hollywood’s exploitation of sex has an effect on society and thus Hollywood should attempt to not harm society’s sexual health. I am not saying that television should go back to days of having a husband and wife sleep in separate beds, as that too is contrary to relationship of sex; however, the ability of pop culture to impact the sexual thought of society should not be ignored or used carelessly.






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  1. andrea Avatar

    First of all…I am totally bummed out that you stopped with the xanga thing! That was so convienent!
    Second, I wanted to comment on something I found interesting in your last paragraph. You say “my personal values cannot be demanded upon others” and then go on to talk about how society should protect the sanctity of sex. It just made me wonder how many of the other students made such a statement as the one I quoted from you. It seems those who are “open” about sexuality offer no apologies, since society agrees with them. I just thought that was interesting…
    You did a great job describing your point of view without bringing in theology, which I’m sure was REALLY hard. lol
    I hope you’re well 🙂

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