world youth day

We all have only one life. We are not granted a probationary period, free of responsibilities, like we are when we gain our driving licenses. We all set out on the road of life with a full set of responsibilities. There is no provisional license for life, love, faith or death. This is the real thing. We all carry full responsibility from the very beginning. I do not really need to tell you this, as you will be instinctively aware of it as creatures made by God.

-Cardinal Meisner’s Homily at World Youth Day’s Opening Mass.
World Youth Day has started across the pond in Germany. This event, held every couple of years or so, is a chance for young adults (not youth in the American usage of the word) to gather from across the world to share witness of their faith.

And because God never releases us, even if we break away from him, we always instinctively remain aware of our origin and destination. Saint Augustine already realized this 1,600 years ago. He summarized this insight in his memorable words: “Our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”

Something I just thought about again: World Youth Day is a couple of weeks long.






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