bapchule bound 2006: save the date

June 17-25th, 2006 will be the next installment of the Bapchule Bound mission trip to the St. Peter’s Indian Mission in Bapchule, AZ.
Mark your calendars now ladies and gentlemen. This is a great service program that provides a real need to this Catholic community.
If you would like to donate or for more information, visit We also receive a small percentage of purchases made at if you use CareCode “KraftFoundation”.





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  1. Cynthia Avatar

    i wish those years of fun and amazement never ended. once in a while i Google about the trips and remember how you guys made it unforgettable. I was hoping to one day help and volunteer at the vacation bible school with you amazing people who made it as wonderful as it was. For three years it didn’t matter how bad things got through the year because i could look forward to the break i would get in the summer. It was so much fun not to have to worry about the violence at home or having to watch my siblings and stop the fights. i could be a kid and it brought me closer to god. I really miss those days and cherish the memories you all gave me. But especially the six people that were there the first year we did the Jr. High retreats. Vanessa, Teeny, Fisher, Mark, Steph, and Kraft to you all i wanted to say: you will all have a place in my heart because i learned so much about myself in those short fun-filled retreats and i owe a lot of that to you guys. I hope to see you guys again one day, but for now i guess i will go. God Bless You All.
    With love,

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