don’t leave home without it

According to Christian Life Weekly, the diocesan bulletin of Taipei, Taiwan, a new “Beatitudes Credit Card” is being issued through the Taiwan’s bishops. It works as a normal credit card, except 0.25% of payments will go towards the charitable works of the Catholic Church.
Overall, this is not a new idea- many credit cards divert a small percentage to a certain company or charity- but I am not sure if the Catholic Church has cashed in on this.
Debt, however, is such an issue in today’s society, at least in the United States. Is this a way to raise money for the Church or to promote our culture’s overusage of credit cards? Is it the former, but not the latter or both?
Is this type of credit card, or on a broader level, all credit cards simply a tool that we, as individuals, overuse?
If this credit card is offered in America, perhaps we should use part of 0.25% to help fund Catholic debt counseling?






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