quick post: what are blogs?

In STS 321, we were asked “What are blogs?” Below are the notes I scratched into Notepad before we started discussing it.
Blogs are a forum for individuals to share ideas and thoughts on any number of interests.
As with every forum, the credibility and usefulness of the ideas has to be questioned and examined.
Some people use blogs to share their thoughts and ideas about their personal life, some going into intimate detail.
Others use blogs are an academic-level clearinghouse. A place for them to present original research as it is discovered, prior to truly compiling it into a peer-review journal piece.
Still others use blogs to keep track of things they find interesting and hopefully in the process educate others. This is the case when many blogs link to other blogs or news stories. They aren’t creating ideas or concepts, they are bringing someone else’s ideas to an audience that may not have already been exposed to them.
This sounds like many other fourms- newspapers for example- only almost everyone can do it.






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