two new projects

Two new projects down the workflow for your consideration.
First, a new website called Catholic Thinker. This weblog, written mainly by Mark Lavernge, hopes to have a few regular contributors discussing modern events in light of Catholic thought.
As the disclaimer on the site reads,

“The authors on the website do not claim to speak for the Church. We are Catholic, however, and so we hope to promote a Catholic way of looking at current events, books, media and whatever else comes to our mind. We might say something that is contrary to Catholic thought. If you catch us, let us know. The depth of knowledge contained within the Church is too expansive for any one person or any small group to ever fully understand and so we will make mistakes.
We hope to further the discussion that was started during the Second Vatican Council when the Council Fathers asked how does our faith- our church- connect to today’s modern world.

I’m excited about this project and hope it’ll find its niche online.
The second project is primarly for Lambda Omega Alpha, the Catholic fraternity at The University of Texas at Austin. I’m launched an online store that is currently selling LOA and UCC t-shirts. It’s not perfect and there are many tweaks I need to make, but since it is primarly for a small audience, I’m taking my time on it. All proceeds will go to LOA, the UCC and the LOA Scholarship Fund.






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