assembly day one: mission direction statement

After prayer, we opened the Paulist Pre-Assembly with a look at the Paulist Mission Direction Statement (MDS). The MDS, in short, covers four main points of direction for the Paulists:

  1. Evangelization
  2. Christian Unity
  3. Reconciliation
  4. Interreligious Relations

There was a good conversation about it and a strong desire to find some other way to word it. The document, as seen linked above, is long and “churchy” as one person in my group mentioned. There seemed to be a clear suggestion to form something that is more concise and simple to be intended for the public. Internally, the current MDS is great.
One idea from my group was something to the effect of:
Founded by five converts,
we affirm the universal human need to search,
immersed in the messiness of the world,
while being at home in an Eucharistic community,
dedicated to spreading our openess to God’s love
believing that all of this is God’s work.
We also looked at the Paulist National Ministries and discussed what they’re doing.
The retreat center we’re in has only one Internet-enabled Ethernet cable. Last night, we took turns using it. Tonight, Fr. Larry Rice, CSP from Ohio State University installed a wireless router and now I’m sitting with five Paulists all checking their e-mail.
That’s all I have for tonight.






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    Hey, hope you’re having a good time in a place much cooler than Texas.

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