gallery album limits?

I’m not 100% sure, but I’m starting to figure out that Gallery albums may have limits.
We have been using my website as the photo depository for pictures from Camp Bapchule. Last year, we only had about 150 pictures total. This year, we have over 400!
Since personally, I’ve never taken that many pictures for a single event or for a single subject, I’ve never stretched the Gallery 1 software that far.
Last night, the album was sitting just shy of 400 pictures when Vanessa attempted to upload about 30 or so. It crashed and threw at her a handful of unexpected EOF errors. After some troubleshooting, it simply appears that once you hit about 405-410 pictures, it stops working.
It may not be the number of pictures, but also the total size of the picture thumbnails. I’m not too sure.
Since all of the photos were uploaded, the solution I discovered is to delete the album and reimport the images.
Does anyone else have information regarding this limit? I haven’t been able to find anything on the web so far.






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