don’t fall off the bus

Yesterday, after what I’d consider a successful day of classes, I needed to ride the Far West Shuttle (FW) from the campus back home. My 6:30-9:30 p.m. class released a little early and when I arrived at the stop, a bus was already there. Sadly too, it was already quite full.
I entered through the rear doors and discovered the only place to stand is in that yellow “do not stand” zone by the doors. Not wanting to wait 40 minutes until the next shuttle, I decided to bear it out.
The shuttle tore through Austin on the way to Far West and I’m usually quite fine with a quick bus. However, when one hand is holding onto the seat in front of me and my right shoulder keeps slightly pushing the doors of the bus open, it is a bit scary.
I made it home without major problem and now I’m off to start day two.






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