Goodbye Route 29

Palisades Interstate Parkway

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I hardly knew you. To be filed in the “Things No One Cares About Else It Wouldn’t Be Happening” folder, Capital Metro is proposing that they cancel Route 29.

Route 29 is, frankly, not the best of the routes, heading from basically Zilker to the UT campus. When I lived near South 1st and Barton Springs, it was perfect. A direct, no frills bus from my front door to the front door of where I work. Since where I worked was the terminus, I normally could wait until seeing the bus before heading out to catch it.
The former Blue Dillo was a backup and then, worst of all, the 10-transfer-to-something-else combo.
Of course, I haven’t lived there since October 2009 and I’m no longer working on campus. When I rode the bus, I knew I always would have a seat, would recognize everyone on the bus and had a fair chance of winning money if I bet that I would be the only passenger. In short, the route has zero purpose to me now.
Nevertheless, thank you, Route 29, for being my most direct way by bus to work for those 14 months. I’m sure we’ll forget you.






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