fmr rep. mark foley abused by priest? shut up.

I’m not one to say anything against those who were sexually abused by priests; however, Former Rep. Mark Foley is now (literally as I type) announcing that he was abused as a teenage by a clergyman.
After a quick bit of research, he is Catholic so I assume he is referring to a priest.
Maybe he was, but are you kidding me? That doesn’t justify anything. He’s a self-confessed drunk who gets excited by talking dirty to underaged boys. He’s trying to save face and transfer blame to someone else. Maybe he is just taking a cue from the Amish shooter who said he molested girls twenty years ago (when he was 10 or 11 years old).
The timing of all of this just brings too many questions into the picture. As someone who worked so hard for the sexual protection of youth, perhaps mentioning this would have been great then. He could have been a poster child for someone who was abused but didn’t let it get the best of him and now he’s doing good trying to make the world better. We’ll ignore that he was talking dirty to these kids while he was “fighting” for them.
He’s just as bad as the priests who did abuse youngsters.
He is a sad, sick man who is now lashing out because he can’t handle the stress that has rained down upon him after his actions have become public.






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