Uncle Billy’s Beer and BBQ

Last night, I dined at Uncle Billy’s BBQ & Brewery in Austin on Barton Springs Drive along the Restaurant Row for beers and an evening snack (ate a large lunch, so just needed a little to tie me over). The BBQ wasn’t too bad—being from Texas, I have a high standard for anything related to BBQ, but the brew was mighty fine.

They have six brews made in-house along a standard list of styles—Amber, Blonde Ale, Hefeweizen, Pale Ale, etc. Brian Peters is the brewer, whose name you may recognize as one of the founders of Austin’s Live Oak Brewery.

You can enjoy your beer and BBQ either inside or outside—including a view of a steep hill off of Barton Springs that I saw at least one cyclist eat it while riding down.

Specials include an all-you-can-eat offer on Mondays and $2 pints all-day Tuesday for any of their in-house brews. If you’re in the Austin area and can’t wait for Thursday’s 99-cent Ritas from El Arroyo or are looking for some good local beer, check them out.






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