Come On OU!

I’m watching the pseudo-National Championship Game in my hotel room in Atlanta and all I can say so far (3rd quarter, 1:13 remaining, just following the blocked FG attempt) is “come on OU!”

What’s in Atlanta? The Catholic Campus Ministry Association Convention, where there is a healthy amount of school spirit with representatives from all of the schools that have been a player in this year’s championship run.
OU has lost their last 4 BCS bowls, or all of them they’ve played since the 2002 regular season (where they beat Washington State in the Rose Bowl). The only other BCS win they have had was the 2000 regular season National Championship Victory.
Come on OU! I’m a burnt-orange-bleeding Longhorn, but it’s embarrassing for the Big 12. Sure, we beat OU on a neutral site during the regular season and their Big 12 Championship win came against another team that we beat during the regular season. The least they could do is win so we have the satisfaction of beating the National Champion.
But alas, unless OU catches up and pulls ahead in the next 15 football-minutes, we only beat a team that can’t seem to remember that they have to actually win the game.






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