Attaching a Google Document to a Google Calendar Item?

Here’s something I noticed for the first time today.

Notice the “Add a Google document” link. When you click on it, this appears:
It lists all of your Google documents. I do not see this on my Google Account, but only on my Google Apps accounts (both Education Edition and Standard Edition).

Posted by Brandon Kraft

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4 Replies to “Attaching a Google Document to a Google Calendar Item?

  1. wait a second. does this mean google apps will finally get picasa? i will be very happy if that’s true. it’s one of those final steps to transition out of the regular google account to my google apps account.


  2. Perhaps some day, or (probably more likely in the short term) this code will be used for Google Accounts too. I’d rather you’d be right, but I have a feeling that will disappear from Google Apps, or remain unused, and it will appear for the vanilla Google Accounts crowd.


  3. Hi,
    I can’t see “Add a Google document” button under the event description field. Do I need to do anything to activate this feature?


  4. I’m afraid I’m not affiliated with Google, so I can’t provide support for this feature. A couple notes that may help – this is only for Google Apps users, not regular Google Accounts. Also, for many new features, your language needs to be set to English (U.S.).
    Beyond that, I’m no help. Thanks for reading.


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