Prayers Requested – Fr. Jesse Euresti

Details are sketchy, but pray for Fr. Jesse Euresti, pastor of Cristo Rey parish in Austin, who is scheduled to retire in May.

His family via KXAN are reporting that his home in Nuevo Laredo (newly purchased and where he plans to live in retirement) was found with his alarm off, garage door open, knife in view, mattress missing and blood throughout the home. While those details do not sound too good, let’s pray first that he’s alive and well.

Please keep Cristo Rey, his family and Fr. Jesse Euresti in your prayers.

UPDATE: 3:02 pm CDT
– The Diocese via the Statesman confirm that Fr. Euresti is missing and reports that Mexican authorities are treating this as a missing-persons case currently. (Thanks to the Montopolis Neighborhood Association newsfeed for the tip).

UPDATE: 4:45 pm CDT: KXAN is now reporting that Mexican authorities are now treating this as a murder investigation and is looking for the home’s caretaker to learn more. APD and Laredo police are investigating as well.

UPDATE: 12:30 pm CDT 4/6/2009: The Diocese of Austin announced that Mexican authorities confirmed that the body found last night was Fr. Jesse Euresti. Please keep his soul, his family and his parish in your prayers. Former San Juan Diego President and Cristo Rey’s current Associate Pastor, Fr. Jayme Mathias, will be appointed pastor later today.







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