Can’t Keep a Good Pope Down

Forget Timex… Pope Benedict XVI can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.

Tonight, during the Midnight Mass (held at 10 p.m.) at St. Peter’s Basilica, a reportedly-disturbed woman jumped over the retaining wall and hurdled herself toward the Holy Father. Security held her, but the scuffle unded up taking both Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Roger Etchegaray to the ground.
His Eminence was transported to a hospital to be checked out and His Holiness continued Mass without further incident.
First, raw video of the official Vatican feed. The incident occurred before the Pontiff reached the view of the camera, but you can see the reaction in the procession.

Next, the Italian television released this view of the event.

CBS filed this report, which gives a good view of security’s attempt to tackle the woman.

Lastly, the best view, from the AP, which I can’t figure out how to embed, can be seen at YouTube.

Let’s keep in mind in our prayers that we include the protection of the Holy Father and all others in the public eye.





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