Month: January 2012

  • Sleep Training: Part 239

    Trying to continue sleep train Olivia. We’ll letting her cry it out a bit… Olivia: Daddy! Come rock me! It’s my favorite! During a conversation concerning having both girls cry it out at night Vanessa: There will be yelling in the House of Kraft tonight. Sleep has been a constant struggle with Olivia. We were […]

  • SCOTUS Justice Sotomayor: Soft on Crime! (Satire)

    With my Senatorial posts this week serving their purpose in my rant department, I’m offering to you a parody reaction to a Sesame Street skit aired on Wednesday. <satire type=”political judicial”> Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor appeared as a guest star on an episode during the current, 42nd season of Sesame Street. I’m not a follower of […]

  • Flaming Drumsticks

    Sometimes I’m a stereotypical guy. Of the many great and illustrious things I’ve done in life (no hyperbole there, no no), one of the activities I had the most fun was marching band in high school. Over the decade since high school, I’ve told my wife some of the many fun times had during those […]

  • Respect Is Essential For Leadership

    Yesterday, I wrote of disappointment with my U.S. Senator and political decorum in general after a Twitter conversation. Today is a follow-up to that. The level doesn’t matter. I’ve learned this lesson to be true in every leadership position I’ve held. Every one, from president of a fraternity and a leader in other student organizations, […]

  • Respect for the Office

    I’m calling an audible and changing up my schedule for the week. Tomorrow’s post is a follow up that focuses on my thoughts on leadership as demonstrated in what happened in today’s post. Leadership is a privilege. We are all called to some form of leadership: in our homes, workplaces and the civic and church communities. However, positions of leadership are […]

  • Proverbs Reconstructed (Book Review)

    Fridays are now “Resource Friday” around here on the ole’ website. This week’s resource is the book, Proverbs: “Reconstructed”. Proverbs: “Reconstructed” (Gus Dallas, WestBow Press) is an incredible effort by the author to reorganize the Book of Proverbsinto topical categories for easy reference. I enjoy the wisdom in Proverbs and I greatly appreciate the author’s effort […]