Return of the Kraft

A little primer about me. Some time has passed since I’ve given tender loving care to the website and a number of readers have recently signed up to receive my daily (er, rather, daily-when-I-write-something) e-mail.

This blog is about a stay-at-home dad of two three girls who also runs a web development shop.

On the stay-at-home day side of the coin, there are challenges raising a family, tough decisions that have to be made all while going against the societal grain of the dad being at home. In the short time I’ve done this, I’ve seen a whole gambit: the folks who go overboard telling me how great it is that a dad is taking this role in his daughters’ lives, to being asked when I was going to get a job again, to trying to interact with all of the moms at the playground (preview: sometimes, it feels like a middle school dance), and so on.

On the web development side, I’ve built websites, in some form, since 1996. Currently, I focus on WordPress as a development platform and almost exclusively with the Genesis theme framework. I write here about the challenges of starting/running my small business, web development ideas, cool new things online and generally about the craft.

The intersection of the two lies in the balance. Seemingly, everyone needs a website. There is enough work to keep me busy 60 hours a week, but the primary responsibility is to the 168 hours a week job of bringing up the kiddos all while maintaining a healthy emotional and spiritual life, sanity and living a fulfilling marriage.

As you read these pages, ideally, the joy of both will be easy to see. Being a stay-at-home parent doesn’t have to remove you from the “adult” world and working for yourself doesn’t have to consume your being (my default).

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