2015 Goals

Happy New Year! With the changing of the calendar, instead of resolutions, as such, going to try to hit the following goals for 2015:

  1. Complete a marathon.
  2. Attend a spiritual retreat.
  3. Post 100 blog posts between various properties.
  4. Redesign brandonkraft.com to better showcase other properties (or roll them up, etc).
  5. Reach 500 unique beers per Untappd.
  6. Present at 3 conferences.
  7. Take a disconnected weekend trip with Vanessa.
  8. Every other month “Daddy Date” with each girl.
  9. Increase bike usage via 50% or more of intraneighborhood trips.

I’m tracking these on a new Goals page and will be providing updates here. I’ve never declared personal annual goals before and, I admit, the process this year wasn’t far from throwing a handful of darts at the board. I tried to hit a mix of professional, personal, and family-related goals that address my physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being.

Goals are meant to be hard and while I hope to hit 100% in 2015, if I do complete them all, that only tells me that I was too easy on myself.

Do you have a regular process of personal goal setting? How do you keep yourself accountable?

Note to my subscribers: So far, I’ve only had “actual” blog posts sent via e-mail… not my comments on links, asides, photoblog, etc. As I see this site turning more into a hub, I’m going to re-enable subscriptions for all posts. No ill feelings if you unsubscribe… In fact, I’ve set unsubscription notices to go straight to the trash and don’t monitor the list on the account, so please, if my content isn’t helpful to you, save yourself the mental energy of ignoring it and unsubscribe!






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