Goals Recap: 2015Q2

The second quarter (and change) of the year has passed and, in an effort of accountability, let’s recap what progress I’ve made on my goals for this calendar year.

Attend a Spiritual Retreat 👎

Well, I was supposed to go on one in May that was cancelled by the retreat house. I’m on the schedule for later in the year.

Post 100 Blog Posts 👍

I needed 50ish by this point of the year. I’ve posted roughly 65 posts on kraft.im.

Redesign brandonkraft.com to better showcase my overall web presence 👍

I’m generally happy here. I’ve moved brandonkraft.com to kraft.im, added SSL, SPDY, HSTS, various caching layers, and converted the site to a multi-network multi-site. I’ve moved over all active *.kraft.im sites and slowly bringing others into the same install.

Eventually, I’ll be able to loop them all in together so kraft.im can leverage it all more, but the progress has been good.

Reach 500 unique beers per Untappd 👍

Done and done. I would have hit it either way by now, but the Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference pushed me easily over the edge (in the first hour).

Present at 3 Conferences 👍

Done! Presented at WordCamp San Antonio, two presentations for the Diocese of Austin on media and the Church, the Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference, and I’m scheduled to present at WordCamp DFW later this year.

Disconnected Weekend 👎

Not yet and no planning for it. Need to get moving on this if it will happen.

Every Other Month Daddy Date 👍

Generally, these have been happening. The original vision was an individual one-on-one event with each of the girls and that has proven hard to do. Instead, been doing more “Daddy Daughter Days” of taking the older three for half-the-day while Vanessa hangs back.

Increased Bike Usage 👎

Yeah. My bike sucks, the bike shop says it isn’t worth putting money into it, and we don’t have the budget to buy a new one in the foreseeable future.

Complete a Marathon 👎

I mentioned this last quarter as not happening. There was a snowball’s chance that I’d try for a Fall run, but nope. I’m aiming for a half in early 2016, then train mid/late 2016 for a full again in 2017.


4 goals I am doing poorly on completing or behind schedule.
3 goals I have met.
2 goals that I’m moving forward on.

A very technical system in place, though I’m sure it’ll improve over time. Until next quarter’s recap…






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